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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Online University Degree Programs in Zambia

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Many students are interested in going to college online and graduate with degrees from online universities. A lot of students are looking f education websites with information about various accredited online universities and colleges in Zambia where to do their online program. If you are here, it’s most probably that you are looking for an online university.

In 2004 Northrise University (NU) a fully accredited regional university strategically located in Ndola Zambia was launched and claims to be the first University in Zambia to offer online programs.

To facilitate for students who are unable to physically attend classes, Northrise University has developed online/distance courses. University Students doing online programs use computers and the Internet as tools to achieve their learning goals. Some of the online programs currently offered include

•Online Master of Business Administration
•Diploma in Human Resource Management
•Certificate in Theology
Other normal class programs offered include

Undergraduate Programs

•Bachelor of Business Administration
•Bachelor of Project Management
•Bachelor of Finance and Accounting
•Bachelor of Marketing
•Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship
•Bachelor of Commerce in Management
•Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Postgraduate Programs

•Bachelor of Information Technology in Software Development
•Bachelor of Information Technology Web Development
•Bachelor of Information Technology in Technology in Database Technologies
•Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking
•Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security
•Diploma in Information Systems

Visit their website for further information.


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